2015 Was One for the Books! + Predictions for 2016

2015 Was One for the Books! + Predictions for 2016

So much has happened this past year and with the New Year quickly approaching, we at Hillstar are reflecting on what we have seen as well as making a few predictions for 2016.

In the past year we saw a definitive movement away from the purely technical conversation and toward a more value-driven strategy.  The goal of business intelligence is to deliver value to your company through access to trusted answers that drive business decisions. At Hillstar, this is at the core of every project we deliver for our customers.  This starts with YOU and your company.  Specifically, focussing on the questions you need answered on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

In 2015 it became evident that Steaming Analytics would soon take center stage. Through the advent of everything becoming a valid target for data feeds, streaming bits of data is taking off. Since this reality will only continue to expand, the ability for “as-of-now,” decision making will become critical. Looking to retail and manufacturing companies as an example, the ability to engage with a customer is the driving force. Understanding in-store customer patterns as well as capturing customer sentiment through social engagement completes the transaction loop, with feedback on product and buying experiences. This is the nature in which streaming analytics operates and will continue to have an impact this coming year.

Last year, predictive analytics started to take shape as companies matured into their Microsoft ERP investments.  In 2016, advancements in technology will ease the entry point in which the parsing and production of predictive insights will become a reality for more and more companies. Technologies like Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics Suite, Azure Machine Learning, Streaming Analytics and Power BI are all making it possible for partners and users alike to complete the perspective loop and add future, along with present and past. Alongside the technology advancement exists the explosion of valid use cases as it realtes to predictive analytics. Understanding what business outcome a set of predictive metrics is meant to influence—and further the direction in which a business will execute based on results—creates a road map for value.

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Be sure to download our White Paper to learn more about the three perspectives of business intelligence and the Value-Driven BI strategy that Hillstar employs on a daily basis.

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