Buyer’s Guide for Business Intelligence

Buyer’s Guide for Business Intelligence

At the beginning of the new year,, released the 2016 BI & Reporting Buying Guide for Microsoft Dynamics, with Hillstar being a leading part of the guide.  This is specifically targeted for customers that have invested in the Microsoft ERP + CRM Platforms.  In it, we see a new report on investing in BI and reporting software is presented.MSDynamicsWorld Buyer's Guide for Business Intelligence with Hillstar

The report covers a range of topics:

  • The state of the BI and reporting landscape for Dynamics
  • BI and the cloud
  • The importance and impact of BI for Dynamics customers and partners
  • Establishing BI evaluation criteria
  • BI and reporting thought leadership from solution providers
  • The role of third party BI and reporting solutions


One of the issues that we, at Hillstar, help customers solve is how to get value out of such investments.  If you reference fig.6, relating to “Overall, how well is your organization currently meeting its reporting and analytics needs?” an unsurprising 2.7% say their needs are being met.

In our deployment of business intelligence, we have found this to be quite the common trend.  Systems of record, in which customers are recording transactions , rarely come close to meeting the BI or reporting needs that your organization desires. This is why we employ our Value-Driven BI Strategy,Hillstar Buyer's Guide for Business Intelligence  which includes a foundational delivery. In a matter of days, customers are able to reach their desired value across several key areas of the business including sales, finance, payables, inventory, and more.  With our approach to business intelligence, we are able to help you reach value early and often based on your organization’s needs. Beyond our strategy, which guides the path to value, our critical partnerships with Microsoft, BI4Dynamics, and Microstrategy make it possible for us to reach beyond traditional reporting and effectively cross the 3 perspectives of data, shown in the image to the left. Thus, allowing you to reach your desired business outcomes.

To find out more, you can click here to download the 2016 Buyers Guide for BI

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