Can we predict the yield of the new James Bond movie Spectre?

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Can we predict the yield of the new James Bond movie Spectre?

Generations have grown up with the adventures of James Bond. Now that the latest edition of the franchise is about to hit the box office, it is a perfect time for us to do what we do best: Look at the facts. Which of the Bond films got the highest box office results? And what are the expectations for future Bond films?

At Hillstar we are great fans of the movies, but we also love data. So we put the box office results of all the James Bond films over the years in a row. In the overview you see above, we show the actors and the number of movies they have stared in. Roger Moore and Sean Connery have played Bond most frequently. Though many James Bond fans did not think Daniel Craig was the best fit for the role, the films he has stared in are the highest grossing ‘Bond’ films to date. According to experts, the fact that the films are now more about the action and less about charming as many ladies as possible, could be what makes the newer Bond films more attractive to the Asian market.

Conclusions about the facts

We have put some simple figures on a list in Microsoft Excel 2016 (predictive analytics) and have made a prediction on the basis of the Worldwide Box Office results of future Bond movies. Spectre scores higher than most films before it, but it is still far behind Skyfall. At Hillstar we are confident that the new ‘Bond’ will surpass the previous anyway. Critics are raving that “Spectre” is the best Bond film ever, but predicting the future is not just about putting numbers in a row and drawing the line. Therefore, Hillstar Business Intelligence always determines a strategy to bring all environmental variables together to ensure that you are not faced with surprises. Just like James basically, though he sometimes used a bit too much brute force.

The movie will premiere worldwide this November. So from now on we can make our own judgment. In case you haven’t seen it, we’ve included the trailer to get you to get you excited for the upcoming release.

Not a Bond fan, but still charmed by our love for data? See what companies we have provided insight into their own data. Fortunately, there was often more data available and we could also add dimensions to it.

Nice to know

It has been more than 50 years since Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, passed away, but his legacy continues to live on through these films. He wrote many of his stories from his home in Jamaica, which might explain why many of the films take place in exotic and extravagant places. Fleming’s time in the Secret Service of the United Kingdom, made him familiar with the many tricks that come out in his books. Fleming was also an avid bird watcher and could fulfill that passion perfectly in Jamaica. While researching the various species of birds he would encounter, he would often refer to books on ornithology. One author in particular held his favor. A man by the name.of James Bond, who was an expert in Caribbean birds. This particular fact has already been entered as a nod in the film, Die Another Day, where James introduces himself to Jinx (Halle Berry) as an ornithologist or a bird expert.

According to narration, Ian Fleming was a fan of the Hillstar. The bird that has been the namesake for our company. In the first bird book that the author, James Bond, ever wrote, the hillstar was praised for its agility and speed. This is what we draw inspiration from on a daily basis!