Customer case Kapiteyn Flower Bulbs

‘We are able to adapt much quicker to changes now’

What kind of company is Kapiteyn?

Kapiteyn Flower Bulbs is a family owned business that exists 90 years at this point. In 10 years we will be purveyor of the Royal househole. Four generations ago the Kapiteyn family left the Dutch town Lisse and settled in Breezand to open a plantation. That resulted in export, breeding and production. We export products to almost 50 countries now, with 30 representatives.

To which markets do you ship your products?

To start with, we work with two kinds of customers. Wholesale companies like  flower growers and the retailmarket. For the consumermarket we pack our products here and put them on a display to be shipped to the stores. We ship that to stores in the period when the consumer also expects our products to be there. So dahlias, lilies and gladioli are in stores in spring, tulips and hyacinths in fall.

The professional market uses our products to fill pots or produce flowers for decorative use. The Callas are best sold in that market.

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‘We can now easily see how sales results are in one country compared to another’

How did markets change the past 90 years?

Especially at the mass merchandise stores there is a huge competition going on.  Many exporters have stopped because of that. From 500 exporters ten years ago to less than a hundred at this moment. Companies are growing bigger and better, so you need to be more and more innovative to be different than the competitor to continue your business.

When we look at the professional market, we see a large growth in the Chinese market the last three years. We did a test there ten years ago to see if the market was ready for us. At that time the test resulted in nothing. Three years ago we did that test again and that proved the time was right. That resulted in us being the biggest supplier of Callas now. That means we are doing business with all the large growers in China. At this moment that really is ‘booming business’.

How do you use BI at Kapiteyn?

We wanted to have a better insight in how trade in relation to different countries, but we also wanted to see product/market combinations, per customer type, per product type. The BI solution Hillstar implemented, gives us much more insight and that results in a much quicker way of getting information. The effect of that is that we can adapt to changes a lot easier and quicker. That is certainly essential in the current market.

Kapiteyn provides solutions when it comes to flower bulbs. In consumer packaging for the retailer, but filled pots and flowers for breeders as well. All over the world, they help their clients increase their sales per square meter with bulbs. They do this  for 90 years already!