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‘With Business Intelligence we gained a lot more insight in stock levels’

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Johan Cremers & Marc Verrijth

Business Operations Manager & Business Controller

What is Hillstar doing for Rotom?

At Rotom we’ve used Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics AX from Hillstar since 2015. Before then, we had only worked with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. In the past five years, we have grown from €40 million to a €75 million euro revenue. That is why we made our move to Dynamics AX. We actually chose to start working with Business Intelligence shortly after we went live with AX. This was partly to make sure reporting and analyzing from Dynamics AX would be great right from the start and partly because we wanted to secure data quality with the Data Warehouse Hillstar’s BI solution comes with.

Which improvements did you notice from the start working with BI?

One of the first improvements we noticed was the insight we gained in stock levels, such as quantity per item. Before, we were able to get some stock information from our old ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, but not as many as we do now with BI for Dynamics AX. Besides that, we can now control the batches much easier. This increases changeover time.

‘With dashboards for production results start to live and we see processes improve every week’

How did the organization react to BI?

The reaction was very positive. With the reports that were immediately delivered, everybody got the insights they needed in order to improve their daily job. Now we refresh the reports in the production facility, so the front man can show his colleagues where they need to focus, that day. The results are also monitored, so we can see if the focus was right or if we need to change something. That way we quickly see if we are on the right track.

Which financial KPI’s are important for you?

At Rotom, we keep a close eye on our credit facility. That is the amount of cash we have ready to invest. Besides that, we follow our net working capital, which is monitored weekly.

Why did you choose Hillstar as your BI-partner?

We chose Hillstar because they provided a solution, which enabled us to report and analyze quickly and flexibly. We are now able to take action much quicker than before. At Rotom, we did not have the reports we needed before we started working with BI for AX. With Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics AX, we can now easily make new reports. We can analyze during the process if it is like planned, or act differently and see the results of that. Now, our processes are much more effective.

Rotom optimizes logistics thanks to a carefully selected range of logistic resources for transportation and storage. Through one of our locations, Rotom delivers any product or service at the right time and in the right location.

With advanced production lines, pallets are produced in large numbers according to the agreed quality and specification, optionally provided with a ISPM 15 heat treatment. Used pallets are restored ergonomically using robots or repair lines. Unusable pallets are recycled in an environmentally sound manner. Annually,  Rotom Europe provides more than 9 million pallets in a wide variety of (inter-)national clients.

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