Dynamics Customers are ready for the value driven BI approach

Brandon George Hillstar Business Intelligence at AXUG Focus Orlando 2015

Dynamics Customers are ready for the value driven BI approach

Now that the AXUG BI & Reporting Focus event (www.AXUGFocus.com) has come and gone, its time to reflect on what took place. First off it was a huge success in achieving its goal of focusing for Dynamics customers as it relates to BI & reporting. This first part of this success story is directly linked to the user base that attended with BI goal in mind.

Secondly the partners and guest speakers that where involved made this a useful and value added networking event. From Dan Brown and Microsoft, to the BI sponsors like Hillstar (www.HillstarBI.com) through to every speaker and session that took place.

The final piece of success is the Dynamics community itself. These are the folks that at times have thankless efforts, and sometimes go unnoticed in making a smooth and value oriented experience. Through all three factors everyone involved seemed to have walked away with a new determination relating to their renewed focus on business intelligence.

Hillstar Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, Track, Analyze and Improve

In regard to the sessions that took place, I can say a lot of great content was provided. One huge take away that I noted through the sessions I lead is this: Customers are simply tired of talking about technology, features and products.

This has been a long running theme that I have noticed and wrote about for the past few years now. Hence why Hillstar’s value driven business intelligence strategy was a fresh breathe of air to those weary of the ‘product feature wars’ that fall short on the true need of business intelligence.

Hillstar Business Intelligence is a Value Added Partner

Having a people first mentality is critical in establishing a true business intelligence journey. Understanding that analytics and business intelligence is an on-going journey changes the conversation away from a technical one to a data productivity story. Thus finally bridging the business and technical personas.

Having this understanding an approach then, allows for the fact that 12 months from now your BI requirements will be different. This means you have to be agile, quick to value and employ a dynamic BI strategy that grows as your business grows.

With our approach to business intelligence your questions can be answered, your business outcomes can be meet and you will have a truly well-crafted story from your data.

Want to know more? Connect with us and let us prove to you how in a matter of days and weeks you can well on your BI journey. The whole reason you invested into Dynamics was to gain insights across your organization. Isn’t it time that you reach that point?

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