ERP + BI: Enable Accurate Business Decisions

ERP + BI: Enable Accurate Business Decisions

Implementing an ERP solution is an important step in ensuring the continued success of your food company. As your business grows in size and complexity, it becomes increasingly important to have a single version of accurate data available at your fingertips so that key performance indicators and benchmarks can be set to measure performance.
 But what do you do with all this data collected by your ERP system?

With accounting, inventory, production and purchasing information constantly flowing through your system in real-time, the opportunity to create dynamic business reports is readily available. With the help of BI reporting and experts like our partners at Hillstar Business Intelligence, this data can be transformed to help you make important decisions and guide business strategy.

The importance of BI reporting is most evident in two main areas of your business operations:

1 Real-time operational planning

2 Strategic forecasting

These main areas help with both short-term and long-term decision making.

Hillstar Business Intelligence Strategy

  • Short-term decision making
 Better understand what parts of the manufacturing process can be streamlined Food companies face unique problems in their manufacturing processes in that leftover product or inventory can have a strict shelf life. Ordering too much of one ingredient or not enough of another can halt production and cost your company big time. Accurate and efficient reports that determine how much of a product is located at a specific warehouse at a specific time, means that you’ll be able to streamline manufacturing in real time and you won’t be left with a surplus you’re unable to utilize.



Inventory Value


  • Uncover bottlenecks in production
 Lapses in production can lead to a buildup of supplies, unfinished product and employees who can’t work until the bottleneck ahead of them is cleared. BI reporting can help ensure that these inefficiencies in production, like an understaffed receiving department, are evident in real time and can be dealt with immediately.


  • Long-term decision makingForecast vendor buying and selling patterns
 Accurate and real-time reporting can greatly reduce the costs of forecasting errors. Having the ability to pull forecasting reports at both the customer and item level based on parameters like sales budgets means that you’ll have the ability to better plan for the future. These reports will let you consider actual sales demands and forecasts, long range production forecasts, procurement planning and daily production schedules.


Inventory Insights


  • Budgeting:
 Food companies are faced with more industry challenges than ever. From fluctuating growth rates to ballooning material and transportation costs, to increasingly demanding buyers, it’s never been more important to effectively and accurately create comprehensive financial plans. Pulling reports based on costing, pricing analysis, fixed assets and realized cost reconciliation will allow your company to gain greater control and help drive growth.



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