Hillstar BI is Proud to Present at JustFoodERP User Conference 2016

Hillstar BI is Proud to Present at JustFoodERP User Conference 2016

Hillstar Business Intelligence is proud to be part of this year’s JustFoodERP User Conference 2016, focused on helping those attending get the most out of their Microsoft Dynamics NAV and JustFoodERP investment.

Join Brandon George, President for Hillstar Business Intelligence America’s Region, for two value-packed sessions that will show you the path to success and showcase the agile business intelligence approach that delivers value, early and often.

Hillstar Business Intelligence Strategy

Session 1: Steps for Generating Value, Early and Often, from your Business Intelligence Project

For business leaders and technical users, this session will guide you through the agile approach to mining your business data, using real world examples. You’ll discover the critical points of focus for taking intelligent action that drives results.

Session 2: Master Business Intelligence in a Week: Find the Gold in your Data using BI4Dyanmics

BI4Dynamics – From NAV to insights in a week

JustFoodERP combines with BI4Dynamics to generate actionable business insights across sales, finance, inventory and more. Develop your ability to mine your data, see the patterns, and act accordingly with a template of success that adapts as your business needs change.

“I consider it an honor to be a featured speaker at this year’s JustFoodERP User Conference in Miami on April 25th-27th. One of the most critical aspects to leveraging a company’s data, lies in creating a solid foundation. With JustFoodERP and Hillstar BI, we are able to deliver on this and more. Having the ability to share project implementation experience, as well as showcase how in 5 business days a JustFoodERP customer can go from ERP-to-Insights, is an exciting and rewarding experience.” Stated Brandon George.

Hillstar is committed to being the leading business intelligence and reporting Dynamics ERP and CRM partner. Through decades of domain expertise in Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail and wholesale, together JustFoodERP and Hillstar BI bring the complete solution for its joint customers.

Interested in finding out more? Want to see this in action with your own data? Connect with us today and let us show you how our approach to business intelligence and analytics can help jump start your journey to value.

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