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Power BI Hillstar Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV

Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics

  • Improved decision making
  • More insight in daily processes
  • Spot trends
  • Improved efficiency in finance, sales, stock levels, etc.
  • See up- and cross sell opportunities at a glance
Hillstar Dynamics

BI4Dynamics for NAV (Navision)

BI4Dynamics for AX (Axapta)

When you are currently working with Dynamics NAV (Navision), you probably often feel like you reports are not what you expected. It does not show the numbers that you would have wanted to see and sometimes colleagues have completely different numbers. 

Microsoft Dynamics Axapta (AX) is a clever way to keep track of all your business activities. However, reporting stays a difficult issue. That is why Hillstar provides a solution to solve just that. Working from a data warehouse makes reporting easy.

Interactive reports in a tool of your choice

Reporting in BI4Dynamics

Whether you use Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV, you basically always need a reportingtool to display the data from your ERP-system. There are several tools to do that. One of the best looking and easiest to use is delivered by Microstrategy. The app enables you to see a completely customizable dashboard. The most important information at a glance.

  • Stock

  • Sales

  • Returns

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All the information is there, all we have to do is grab it. This way of working, creates a much bigger interaction inside the organization. As you can understand, it is important that we can trust the numbers. Our management uses them for managing, as well as internal and external meetings. We need to make sure we can show all possibilities and make correct reports.

Promens Plastic Manufacturing with Hillstar Business Intelligence