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Whether you are planning to update to a new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV or AX or work with a recent version for years, BI4Dynamics is a system invented to give businesses just what they have looked for. BI4Dynamics was developed because we received lots of complaints of customers that recently implemented Dynamics. They all complained about the poor possibilities to report and analyse that Dynamics gave them. BI4Dynamics completely solved all their problems.

In only one hour we show you the most basic features of the system. You can ask everything that comes to mind. The first step after a webinar is a one month free trial. In that month you have your own test environment. You get one month to see what is in it for you.

Putting Power BI to Work – An In-Depth Look From End-to-End

Putting Power BI to Work – Craft Stories of Value

Putting Power BI to Work – Share Data Insights

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