Who we are

With our history in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)  and BI (Business Intelligence) we collected a lot of experience.

We think of ourselves as the Hillstar, a hummingbird species living in the Andes Mountains. The Hillstar has the capability to lay a good focus in a comprehensive environment and is quickly present at the most important place. 

Our goal is to transform your big data to usable information. A collaboration with us means that we implement projects together and share knowledge. That is what we are good at.

Our offices

Hillstar Business Intelligence

Landjuweel 48
3905 PH Veenendaal
The Netherlands
+31 318 561055

Hillstar BI North America

510 Chestnut St.
Unit B
Gadsden, AL 35901
United States of America

Hillstar is a company with a strong focus on its customers and distinctive in delivering practical reporting solutions that enable customers to get better insight in their businesses, which has lead to a strong growth of our customer base. This is why we are looking for an addition to our team of enthusiastic people.