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‘BI4Dynamics is a real business tool for us.’

KorvanStraten Animo

Kor van Straten, Head of Automation

What was the reason for you to start working with BI4Dynamics?

‘We had already been working with a very complicated solution for 3.5 years’, says Kor van Straten. ‘Yes, the way reports were created was very complex’, Roelof Nijland adds. ‘At a certain point we realized we wanted to take a few steps forward, but that this was not going to work’. Kor: ‘We had of course already made an investment, which makes it a big step to start working with a different solution anyhow. But as soon as we saw the possibilities of BI4Dynamics, we were immediately convinced. At the time we only had a sales and general ledger cube, but with this tool Hillstar supplied seven cubes straight away; this was a major improvement of course. What’s more, it was possible to rent the software for a couple of months first, before taking the decision to purchase it. This made it possible for us to use it as a sort of test environment, without having to invest straight away.’

What exactly do you use BI4 dynamics for now?

Roelof: ‘There is always a need for information in an organization, but the trick is to be able to supply the correct information. The standard reports generated by Microsoft Dynamics AX only supply the correct information if you specify all kinds of exceptions. As a matter of fact, only accounting knew how to generate the correct reports, but they were no use to the sales department. And that was important to us.’ ‘Exactly’, says Kor, ‘we see BI4Dynamics chiefly as a business tool, not just a tool only for the automation and accounting departments. Now our systems can easily be accessed by sales and marketing, for example; they have access to the reports that are relevant to them.’

Another great advantage is that we save a lot on audit fees

Information from one source

‘But in manufacturing and article management BI is being used all the time as well. This way, it provides the correct information for everyone in our organisation. And – this is very important – this information originates from one source. Previously, some people made their own lists, but these never tallied with the reports of the accounting department. Now, we have completely ruled that out. Everyone has the same information and the same overviews. We have determined who may request which data. They make a request for the information they want and we provide the correct reports. This is a very simple and quick method of working. BI is now used throughout the whole company: sales, export, management, marketing, manufacturing, etc.’


‘Another main advantage is that we save significantly on audit costs’, says Roelof, ‘it is easy to provide the correct data which previously was a daunting task with all the differences we came across.’


Hillstar implemented BI4Dynamics in your organisation, why them? Kor: ‘In a nutshell: enthusiasm. They are extremely passionate and very knowledgeable. They respond quickly to your questions and it is clear that they want to do a good job. And, as far as we are concerned, they are very successful in doing so.’