Customer Case Genap Waterproof Solutions

‘We get the exact information we need.’

What was your reason to search for a business intelligence-solution?

‘We work in various lines of business, such as civil engineering and agriculture, but we also provide foil for ponds and special projects. Our products range from mass production to single issue unique products. Because of the complexity, we had an issue with our information services. Where do we make money, and where do we lose it? We wanted to have this information available to us in a simple, clear way.’

Doesn’t your ERP-software provide that?

‘Microsoft Dynamics AX does provide some tools to extract information from the system, but those features are far too limited and do not fit our business reality. We had to have a custom solution built for us within Dynamics AX, which is of course a rather expensive thing to do. One of the drawbacks of a custom solution is that you need to have that piece of software written time and again, because you will always have an ever changing wish list. As you can imagine, that is not very flexible. We wanted to change to a system which would allow us to generate information ourselves.That includes not only the financial reports, but also the dynamic reports for the purchasing, sales and production departments.’

If you can do what we want, we have a deal

Why did you choose Hillstar as a partner?

‘We had looked at various potential providers. Our own partner in automation did have a solution for us, but was not as complete as we wanted, and rather expensive. We were put in contact with Hillstar, and had an immediate connection. As far as the solution was concerned, it was exactly what we wanted: the ability to make various cross sections –for instance, a combination of projects and sales- works really well for us. We basically told them: ‘If you can do what we want, we have a deal.’ We tested BI4Dynamics and it was clear to us immediately that this is what we had been looking for.’

How was the implementation track?

‘The implementation was quick and effective. They have done exactly what they promised. We can always contact them and they arrange things quickly.’