Customer Case Helvoet

‘We’re more efficient now that we know more.’

You recently started working with BI4Dynamics. Could you give us some examples of immediate advantages from your usual business?

‘We report to our management on a weekly basis. This concerns sales, but also different kinds of indicators that we have formulated within Helvoet. With BI4Dynamics we can analyze and make cross sections, which we could not originally create with our ERP system. Next to the management, the entire organization needs information to facilitate their jobs and responsibilities. We are active in a business, in which any change in cost can have major consequences. Consider, for instance, the bill of material (BOM). An immediate advantage of BI4Dynamics is that we are able to calculate the BOM down to cost category. Such calculations were impossible in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. This means that we have an overview of how costs change when price changes of raw materials are announced or implemented.

We have also made a leap forward in the quality of data input into our ERP system. As you know, good reporting depends on the degree of data cleanliness. With BI4Dynamics we are very close to the data and can quickly see when an input is incorrect. I want to mention that we have been able to reduce our stock, while increasing our delivery rate. Supply chain management is primarily concerned with the optimum ratio between stock and service levels. In this field, we have greatly improved.’

Danny van der Ster

Danny van der Ster, Supply Chain Manager

‘We are able to control the business on preset goals and respond appropriately to deviations.’

How did you apply BI4Dynamics within your production facilities?

‘Understanding future utilization of the production facilities is very important to us. Within Helvoet we have been able to further professionalize the S&OP process (sales and operations demand planning) using BI. We have introduced adequate forecasting management. We have mapped budgets relative to the current situation, and we are now alerted to deviations outside agreed margins.

In addition, we have improved our ability to measure the order intake across the entire group, and to control the process. This helps us to increase the utilization of our production facilities. In summary, we can say that BI4Dynamics allows us to control the business on preset goals and respond appropriately to deviations.

We are also very happy that we can measure OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). Within our solution is a dashboard, developed to measure and guard the effectiveness of our machinery. This is done at plant level, but also down to the level of single machines.’

About Helvoet

The Helvoet Group operates internationally in the field of customer-specific development and production of plastics, rubber components and assemblies, within very close tolerances, for among others the automotive and food industry and the packaging market. The company started in 1939 as a rubber factory and expanded their activities into plastics in the 50s. Helvoet now has production facilities in the Netherlands (Hellevoetsluis and Tilburg), Belgium (Lommel), and India (Pune). Helvoet employs approximately 550