How Dynamics AX Customers can benefit from BI during upgrades

How Dynamics AX Customers can benefit from BI during upgrades

Upgrades are one of those topics that seem to be on everyone’s mind. You’re either moving your Microsoft Dynamics AX investment from version 4.0 or 2009 to AX 2012 (R3). Return-on-investment justification crosses the new depth of functional net additions. Further benefits in the form of larger global management and deeper Microsoft stack usually help add to the reasons an upgrade makes sense.

Hillstar Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Proceeding into your upgrade attempts, a specific issue arises: What to do with your historical data?

This question is not one that is asked in a silo specific only to your situation. Instead this is a shared concern across your fellow peers taking on the task of moving towards a new version of your Microsoft Dynamics investment.

Like all problems that you face there are several ways to proceed. I would like to offer one that might have been the solution you have sought the entire time.

Let’s first examine the nature of your data itself. As this is the point of contention. This is static mostly, and the reason you’re wanting to bring some or all of it into your new instance of Dynamics is to report from it. Gain insights across the new and old. That is very much a need, and you should be able to achieve this. However with this upgrade customer hierarchy’s change, products get more complex, new levels of categories exits. A multitude of global or master data changes have taking place.

Further the more pressing issue is the amount of normalized schema changes that take place when you leap from Dynamics AX 4.0 or 2009 towards Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. With these two items, bringing over your historical data becomes a touch solution to solve.

Let us then look at the nature of what you’re trying to achieve. That is with the ability to report and gain insights across your to-be solution and your as-is. The new crossed successfully with the old. If this is the desire then what if you can have that business need addressed? What if you could do so without the weight of suffering through more effort – that if successful is thrown away after go live?

Hillstar Business Intelligence Workflow

Enter what we at Hillstar brings with our data warehouse automation and expertise in Microsoft Dynamics AX. With our approach, I can come into your upgrade process, and bridge your old and new data so that you address the need. Further in doing so it will be much cheaper, and you will start a BI journey that at go live brings even more value for your upgrade efforts.

Hillstar Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV on Mobile, Desktop, Tablet

With our value driven business intelligence strategy you will not only reach your desired end result for that historical data questions, but gain in so much more. With our ability to embed insights into Microsoft Dynamics AX we further help with the adoption story as well. Meaning you make your users happy, their job easier and the upgrade is worth that much more. All of this with a big reduction in upgrade cost. Finally you will be well on your way towards empowering a data informed company.

What to know more? Let us prove it to you. Connect with us below with your name and email and I will show you.

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