Visualize data in PowerBI and bring some color in your reports!

  • The whole company in one dashboard

  • Consistent analytics within the entire organization 

  • Interactive managementdashboards that will make you understand data!

Power BI Hillstar Business Intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics AX and NAV

It is important that you know exactly what is happening inside your company. You can do that by looking at the figures for instance. But it might be hard to find out what the development of sales over a longer period is or to see if the productivity of your employees has been stable over the past few months.

Power BI helps you see how results develop. With interactive dashboards which notify you on a daily basis on what is going on and what needs to be changed in order to follow that upward trend.

What is Power BI?

PowerBI is a cloud-based business analytics service that gives critical business information in one single view. Monitoring the health of your company is easy with live dashboards. Create rich interactive reports with Power BI Desktop and view your data in the native Power BI mobile app. It is easy, quick and cost-effective!

How does PowerBI relate to Excel?

With the arrival of Power BI, we will not massively say goodbye to Microsoft Excel. There are however some changes that are so great about Power BI that they are important to mention. For instance the add-ins in Excel. In Power BI you don’y have to use them anymore. It is intended that Power BI will act as a self-service analytics hub, and thus will be the central location used to view and analyze data. 

Want to play with data in Power BI?

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