Get a Handle on Vendor Performance + Impact Reports

Get a Handle on Vendor Performance + Impact Reports

A common trend for Microsoft Dynamics customers is wanting to better understand their purchase analysis, including vendor score carding and insights. This can be difficult at times due to the fact that critical metrics are spread across the general ledger and posted purchase order documents.

This split of transactional information within your ERP investment makes it hard to fully grasp and understand how vendor performance is impacting your overall business. With Hillstar we can easily help you reach these insights within a matter of days.


We take your Microsoft Dynamics ERP data and help you gain instance insights into areas like:

  1. Vendor performance and insights.
  2. Purchase analysis and trends.
  3. Ability to cross ledger and purchase documents for a full picture into current and predicted activity.

With our data warehouse automation and 100’s of insights, we give you the insights that can help you get out in front of any vendor performance issues, specifically helping identify trends. This includes both positive and negative indicators and deeper impact analysis to stop problems before they impact customer satisfaction and demand fulfillment.

With our approach to business intelligence and analytics you can truly take intelligent action and be in control with the full potential of your data unleashed and working for you. This is the reason we have our foundation package for Microsoft Dynamics customers.

With our ability to quickly jump start your BI journey, you can go beyond traditional reporting and fully have the purchasing, vendor and inventory analysis that you need to keep your supply chain moving forward and in the right direction.

Interested in how you can unleash the power of your data? Want to know more? Of course! Reach out to us today, so that we can schedule a call and show you with your own data how you can be more in control and more intelligent with your actions. All through our value driven approach to business intelligence.

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