Gain Visibility Across Your Entire Supply Chain

Gain Visibility Across Your Entire Supply Chain

For manufacturing companies one of the most critical aspects of the business resides in deriving intelligent action across the entire supply chain. This includes being able to answer questions like:

  1. What are my company’s variances, compared against actual vs. standard?
  2. How is this spread across different material and labor cost?
  3. What are common positive and negative trends across work center, resource group, production pool and more?
  4. What does my work-in-progress tell me, compared to production composition and consumption?
  5. What customer orders will be impacted by negative indicators, and how can we get out in front of such issues?
  6. What is my inventory value, as well as turns across distribution center / warehouse?

The above list is not an extensive one, but it helps establish the fact that Microsoft Dynamics customers like you need to have deeper and faster insights into the entire supply chain to make the best decisions for cost effectiveness and overall customer satisfaction for on-time delivery of productions being produced.

With Hillstar you gain the ability to answer these questions and a lot more. Through our partnership with BI4Dynamics, we are able to jump start your companies insights into your supply chain in a matter of days.

With our extensive experience in manufacturing and a heavy focus across the entire organization, your Microsoft Dynamics investment comes to life through the data you’re capturing. This includes supporting multisite and multimode process execution.

Further, going deeper into the insights we deliver deep dives into the manufacturing process across resource group, work center, and employee. This means that you can easily see all negative and positive indicators, as well as the details for why. This then leads to more intelligent action that will help you perform at optimized performance across your supply chain.

Commonly used measures that exists out of the box which support such needed insights include, but not limited to:

  1. Consumed hours, Hour cost, Hour Price
  2. Good quantity, Quality %, Quantity cost, Quantity price, Scrap quantity
  3. Estimated cost, Estimated markup, Estimated quantity, Estimated cost variance, Estimated quantity variance.
  4. Average consumption cost, Average output cost
  5.  A lot more!

Are you are struggling with getting the needed insights from your current Microsoft Dynamics investment in order to super charge your supply chain? Touch base with us to find out how we can jump start your road to true intelligent action in a matter of days.

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